• Grow your business instantly by upgrading to the most powerful attraction in decades.
  • Front-wheel pull combines with rear-wheel push to add extra space for washing & drying!
  • Increased throughput means more revenue, happier customers, improved production, more profits!
  • SAFETVEYR is compatible with all makes of carwash equipment so it fits in everywhere.
  • Minimum site preparation and low construction costs.
  • Risk of “sudden unintended acceleration” diminished, making carwash a safer workplace.
  • Insurance premiums may be lowered due to reduced risks.
  • Immediate image booster changes lackluster reputation.
  • Great way to gain and reinforce customer trust and confidence.
  • Decrease employee fatigue, risk of injury or accidents while increasing morale.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance time.
  • Broadens your customer audience because clearance and size restrictions are removed.
  • Choose from variable-speed electric or hydraulic drive.
  • Powerfully conspicuous visual marketing presence.  Customers love it!
  • Instant loading.  No needless waiting for roller-chain gaps.
  • Unquestionably the safest way to move a vehicle through a carwash.
  • Increased production capacity means quicker return on investment.
  • Automatic Tracking means vehicle alignment problems are completely eliminated.
  • Low clearance problems eliminated. Dual-wheel pick-ups and exotic sports cars welcome.
  • No steel guide rails that risk damage to expensive rims, tires, wheels and hubcaps.
  • No more free-rolling cars to climb rails or bump other vehicles.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation.  No clanking chain or trap door noise.
  • No need for correlator so front-end bumps causing alignment complaints and repairs are eliminated.
  • Nothing to rub up against tires so tire damage and repair is eliminated.
  • Jumping rollers are a scary thing of the past.
  • No roller assemblies to constantly rebuild and maintain.  Less parts inventory.
  • Stationary cars glide safely atop a flat-belt moving-floor, so there’s no risk of runaway cars causing damage or injury.